Celebrate unique gatherings and special moments with Tiffanie Delune’s porcelain tableware and kitchen linens.


Introducing Kazumba, a line of fine tableware and kitchen textiles which naturally evolved from Tiffanie Delune’s experience in painting and mixed medias. For her first collection, Tiffanie Delune drawn her inspiration from her mixed heritage and travels and named it Kazumba as a tribute to her father’s hometown in Republic Democratic of Congo. Exploring symbols of rain, sunsets and ice, Tiffanie created scenes in which pink flamingos mingle with pineapples dancing on geometric lines, naive prints and bold colors. Each Kazumba piece has a unique shade of mango, coral and baby blue with black and yellow accents. Create a daring mix-and-match table for unforgettable and magical moments.


Kazumba is a fusion of naive art and a modern design aesthetic combined with French quality and craftsmanship. 


Kazumba tableware pieces are handmade by porcelain craftsmen in Limoges, the French capital of porcelain. Limoges has a history spanning from the 18th century to the present, when the local kaolin mineral was discovered and became an indispensable material in the production of this hard, delicate and translucent ceramic. The creation of Tiffanie Delune’s tableware is an arduous process that includes detail painting of color and design as well as performing multiple firings and glazing accomplished by artisans, as experts required for such detailed work. The final firing process at a temperature of 1400°C is unique to Limoges, giving each piece the superb glaze that cannot be penetrated by the elements and that exquisite translucence. The entire work process is perfected by hand, making small variations the norm and each Kazumba piece really unique.


Tiffanie Delune is committed to work ethically with artisans to create high quality limited editions. 


The linen and cotton tea towels are printed in a parisian studio using the screen printing technique. Screen printing on textile is made with an engraved frame that is used as stencil on which is arranged the ink to be used for the appearance of the pattern. For each color, a stencil is made, and the colors are printed one after the other using a carousel. This ancient technique allows the Kazumba tea towel a faithful and brillant color rendition and a long life of the fabric thanks to a very good resistance to washing.