We come from the lands that no one sees.

Where the imaginary goes crazy and plays with us.


Expanding her artistic skills to paper, Tiffanie Delune's 2017 collection, Salines, explores love, flora and fauna through colour, typography and geometric work. The Salines' mood board collects memories from Martinique in the Caribbean Sea, the island of flowers, where she spent summers in her teenage years. Images of exotic details and colourful landscapes are the essence of the new colour palette: ivory, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, red ochre, deep fuchsia, red orange, baby blue and black. The Salines Poster I, the first of a triptych, is an invitation to your heart, mind, body and soul to love and be loved every single day. Screen printed on a thick satin paper in London, each poster of the 50 limited edition is hand signed and numbered by the artist.