#002 Artist Spotlight: Neals Niat

As the French and the Cameroonian cultures have always nourished me, I want to transmit this cultural wealth through my work. I’m inspired by my childhood in Douala and especially the memory of what was and is the world surrounding me. I often tell stories through my compositions; sometimes it can be a criticism of the society.
— African Digital Art, May 2014

Neals Niat is a visual artist based in Brussels, Belgium who also happens to be a friend of mine. What triggered my interest when I went across his instagram about three years ago was his ability to blend different cultures in his designs using a sarcastic sense of humor, doing all that in a monochromatic palette. His early work includes eye-catching patterns that are so interesting to go through: think hands praying, zebras and cargos of gold, rain drops mixed with yen, euro, dollar symbols and women’s breasts that could easily be sand dunes. Back then, I personally purchased his ¥€$ limited edition print that is part of my wall gallery above my sofa. This wall being in a central location of my apartment, I wanted to gather black and white visual references that everyone could appreciate. Neals’ most recent body of work are rich illustrations further highlighting black culture and his memories of his childhood in Douala, Cameroon. He takes us through everyday stories of african society : men with slick and shiny hairstyle driving huge cars or women with fancy hair and bold prints returning from the field. I personally like how he uses geometrical patterns in his artworks without always respecting the rules of perspective. It’s naive yet so powerful. Fortunately for him, I am no longer one of the early groupies, since he has been featured earlier this year on instagram's own account as one of the artist to follow. Find him on facebook, instagram and tumblr

As for me, I'll be back on Wednesday with another home tour. 

xx tiffanie


© Images by Neals Niat