#004 Green is the New Black


Let’s face it, Paris is not the greenest city in the world, which makes you long for a little indoor greenery as this perfectly dressed up balcony in the 20th. Here an abundance of round, pointy, matte and shiny plants in neutral pots create such a cosy feel. The rich, leafy bamboo on the left takes the spotlight while the ever-growing Spindle tree on the chair is glowing. Spindles are popular garden shrubs, known for their foliage and decorative berries, and having large plants in big containers add a little something to an empty corner. On the ground, you’ll find dancing in terra-cotta pots basil, laurel, mint, jasmine, clematis, wistaria, ivy and honeysuckle, while cherry tomatoes growing in their own homemade habitat look regal. If you want to ensure that your plants get the attention they deserve, then place them in planters of varying textures, dimensions and heights and don’t hesitate to use your vintage chairs and stools that you no longer use.


Inside the apartment, the sunniest part of the 20m2 living room is entirely inhabited by a glamorous jungle. The wall is climbed by a Golden pothos also called Devil’s ivy, a powerful and fast-growing interior plant with heart-shaped leaves. On the left of the lamp, there is a Dracaena reflexa, a tropical tree from Madagascar. Probably one of the most common plant thanks to its evergreen leaves that require little attention and add height to a room. On the console, you can find an Aloe, a sun-loving, easy-to-grow babe who has air-clearing abilities, next to a newly acquired Ficus, which looks like a small Bonsai and is pretty sensitive to overwatering. Other types of small succulents, including a Crassula ovata commonly known as Jade plant, are displayed here and there, while the most majestic specimen shines in the light of disco balls. Succulents have unusual appearances and require little water in the summer and even less in the winter, which makes them famous houseplants worldwide. A potted orchid and some mini cacti were added to spice it up. 

Green is the new black, I'm telling you.

xx tiffanie


© Images by Tiffanie Delune