#005 DIY: Origami Advent Calendar


While we were mourning here last week-end following the tragic events that happened in Paris, I felt the need on Sunday afternoon to get my mind off of the non-stop news on TV and social media. Art-making can be therapeutic and origami is one of the best exemple. Since you need to be so concentrated and meticulous, your mind just can’t think about anything else that this beautiful piece of Japanese paper...

What you need to create this DIY origami advent calendar is the following:

  • 24 origami papers

You can pick as many colors, patterns and textures as you would like. Be creative! Mine were 15 x 15 cm (5,90 x 5,90 in).

  • 24 surprises

Quotes of wisdom, sweet messages, random acts of kindness, poems, tickets to the movies, old polaroids… whatever you think will entertain your beloved ones and bring on the Christmas spirit. Keep in mind that they must fit in the envelopes, which will be 7 cm (2,75 in) large once folded.

  • 24 stickers
  • a ruler, a pencil and blu-tack.

Have a look below — my first video since high school! What I'm doing at 00:38 is to measure the diagonal and mark one third from the top. In my case, the diagonal was 21 cm (8, 27 in) so I marked at 7 cm (2,75 in) from the top. Also at 02:42, I tuck the right side underneath the beginning flap. This seems like the trickiest part but once you have mastered the fold, each envelope takes only a few minutes to make.

Have fun!

xx tiffanie


© Images and Video by Tiffanie Delune