#006 Blush Blush Blush


With winter coming, I love a colorful wall in a room. My first idea was a soft pink wall in the main room, the one that overlook the entrance and table, to create a warmer dining space. I wanted it to appeal to my guests but keep it feminine and modern without being too girly, so I figured out that this tangerine orange painting from Luxens would be the perfect foundation. I didn’t paint the entire wall and painted a part of the ceiling to create a rectangular shape. This color adds just the right amount of drama to the room and makes it a little bohemian. The best part is surely how you see it from the kitchen with the contrast of the emerald Christmas tree. This year, I went for an outdoor White Cedar that I’ll use on the balcony in the spring. The entrance still needs some work — I’m talking about switching the white doors of the two big cupboards to wooden ones, adding a ceiling light (currently spotting this soft green, cool grey and blush pink one from made) and a big cactus (my eyes went over this one at truffaut). To finish the space off, I’d like to sand down the table, add a neon stool (both future DIY posts), get more books and find a rug… 

To be continued.

xx tiffanie 


© Images by Tiffanie Delune