#009 Artist Spotlight: Araki Koman


I still remember how I met her. It was more than 10 years ago and she was celebrating romantic relationships between Black and Asian people on her blog then called Blasian. Months later, we found ourselves living at the same time in Montreal and since then she has studied and worked in China, the UK, Denmark and Iceland before moving back to Paris.

Her name is Araki Koman and she is a multidisciplinary Visual Artist with a body of work that extends from Graphic Design to Illustration, Collage and Textile Design. Her background lies in Guinea and Mali but it’s her interest for global cultures and civilisations from now and then that shapes her art. She believes that diversity is key and experiments with the aesthetics of multiculturalism mixing spiritual symbols with modern styles.

Using mixed techniques — fabric, photocopy, acrylic, watercolor and black ink on paper, she creates series of artworks such as Soulful inspired by folklore masks from around the world. Her feminine characters with black deep eyes and dark lips, wearing turbans and ethnic tattoos have been printed on tote bags and used as patterns on textile. These magical figures could be Berbers or Mongolian and that's what makes the beauty and strength of Araki’s work. 


Pushing her interest for anthropology, Araki has launched a digital place OUM x YUKI where she shares others’ portraits and experiences about roots, traveling and expatriation and how it influenced them in their journeys. OUM is the mother — she is strong, traditional and well-respected amongst her peers. YUKI is the sassy daughter. Born in occident from immigrant parents, she is into her beloved roots as much as she is open to today’s world. 

Araki was recently the subject of Les Expos à la Maison by the creative collective FROM PARIS, a concept that invites people to discover the work of an upcoming artist displayed in Parisians’ apartments. The idea is to enjoy an unique experience in an ephemeral gallery and connect a young artist with a private sponsor for one night. The good news is that she will be exhibiting her work at the Demory Bar in Paris from March 1st to April 4th. The vernissage is this Tuesday, March 1st from 6:00 pm and you should come by — details below ! 

xx I'm tiffanie delune 


© Images by Kasia Wosniak and Araki Koman