#010 The Green School


During my last trip to Bali, I had the chance to visit the Green School, the product of the fertile imagination of Canadian jewelers John and Cynthia Hardy. A must see! 

Founded in 2008, the Green School is a private, international school sitting among lush vegetation along the Ayung River in Badung, 20 minutes north of busy Denpasar. Bambou being one of the most sustainable building material with its ability to grow and spread quickly without fertilizers and pesticides, the 7500+ square meter impressive campus has several independent structures almost entirely made in bambou. The huts could be mistaken for an eco-friendly resort and are in reality classrooms, conference rooms, offices, a gymnasium and a library for 400+ students. The children have classes in open air classrooms and e v e r y piece of furniture is made in locally grown bambou: blackboards, desks, chairs and lamps. The "Heart of School" building, currently the largest bamboo structure in the world, is the definitely the most stunning.

The Hardy’s mission is to "empower global citizens and green innovators who are inspired to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world". On top of essential classes, 3 y.o to 17 y.o students are highly encouraged to follow non-traditional courses such as organic farming — growing rice, vegetables and fruits, harvesting honey, producing coconut oil and breeding fish; creative arts — music, drama, batik painting and physical education — yoga and martial arts. The curriculum emphasizes on kids getting their hands dirty while being familiarized with local culture to develop responsible and entrepreneurial spirits. You can find signs all over the school with environmental facts and responsibilities. The campus is almost self-sufficient: student’s products are cooked at the school’s warung — the Balinese’s equivalent of our cafés, they drink purified water from their own deep and compost all waste on site. In the future, Tom Hardy aim to generate all Green School’s electricity on campus through water and solar power. 

It's no surprise that the Green School was awarded the 2012 "Greenest School on Earth" award by the Center for Green Schools at the U.S Green Building Council. The pictures speak for themselves!

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