#012 Colorful Bahamas!


The Bahamas may often be seen as one of the ultimate honeymoon destination with their 700 islands scattered in a mesmerizing turquoise sea, yet it was with one of my best pal that I hopped on a plane two years ago for a girlfriends getaway. In search of a tropical seclusion, we’ve indulged ourselves with naps on deserted white sand beaches and blissful walks around the islands drinking out of coconuts. Both near a burn-out before we left, it was about taking time to breathe rejuvenating air, feel the warmth of sunshine and photograph breathtaking and colorful memories. With a blend of British, Spanish and West African influences, The Bahamas have a rich history and culture. Much of the local architecture is bright, bold with a strikingly original color palette creating the streets’ joyful atmosphere. Each island holds a different feel and we’ve spent a few days on the New Providence island where we’ve witnessed an unforgettable spectacle of exotic wildlife and tropical plants at the Nassau Botanical Garden.

Here is a selection of pictures for the pleasure of your eyes. Enjoy!

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© Images by Tiffanie Delune