#013 Tiffanie Delune x Les Esthètes


Last week I had the chance of being interviewed by Les Esthètes, an online concept store based in Nice in the South of France, which aims to make French design and craftsmanship more accessible in order to help everyone find their style in interior design. The interview being in French, here is the English version that tells you a bit more about my background, the creative process of my tableware collection and what I've been eyeing lately. 


Who's behind the brand Tiffanie Delune? 

Tiffanie, a 27 years old Parisian designer passionate about cooking and traveling. I practice drawing, painting, collage, digital drawing, mixed media and photography instinctively. 

What is your personal and professional background and where are you from? 

Originally from the eastern suburbs of Paris, I moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 18 to study Art History. I lived there four years and began my career in a media and publishing company. I came back to live between Paris and Geneva in 2010 to work in an advertising agency in account management for beauty brands. After a stint in a Parisian photography studio, I created my own design studio in 2016 to return to my first love and share my interests in art, travel and French savoir-faire through my collections.

Why did you create a tableware collection?

I wanted to create a kitchenware and tableware brand that is as today’s world, a blend of cultures and colors, and that you can buy individually for yourself or a gift and mix with an existing collection. Tableware felt obvious as it allows to express your creativity to the fullest thanks to the richness of its forms and material. Dining has always been for me a special time, whether intimate or a party, so I wanted to celebrate it. Limoges porcelain attracted me for the quality of its ceramic, delicate and translucent, and the ancestral work of its porcelain craftsmen.

What is your creative process?

It begins with an inspirational and iconography work where I collect images of interiors, plants, animals, sculptures and photographs mixed with my sketches and personal photos of trips. Then I draw my design with pencil and marker on paper. My first color intentions are tested separately with acrylic paint, spray or ink but I apply the final color on Photoshop, once my drawing is scanned and retouched. I also use Illustrator for the vectorization of the final image, which is then sent to the porcelain artisans in Limoges. We select all the pieces together, which then go through a long process that includes detail painting of color and design as well as performing multiple firings and glazing, each step being perfected by hand by these artisans.

What do you like best in entrepreneurship? 

It is the need to embrace my creativity that drew me to entrepreneurship and today it is a real chance to get up to my passion. 

What are the three addresses that you recommend in France? 

The restaurant L'Équateur in the 11th of Paris for its tasty braised chicken in an unpretentious atmosphere. 
Emmaüs for all its hidden treasures.
Les Landes in southwestern France for holidays. 

What is your favorite object of the moment?

I'm completely a fan of Serge Mouille lightings and I’m already dreaming of my future findings from a trip to Senegal and Guinea next year !

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a stylist for fashion houses. At 14, I sent all my sketches to Jean-Paul Gautier and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to ask them to do my high school internship! 


xx I'm tiffanie_delune