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Happiness is not having to put an alarm on Sunday mornings and chill out with a good breakfast, pinterest and a little music... I’m always in for a muesli bowl full of fresh fruits with a giant black coffee. Here, I used one of Dear Muesli’s mix to put together this perfect recipe for summer days, full of flavors and energy to start your day just right. I used two almond yoghurts and a cherry one as a basis, on which I added the Forest mix, a fine crunchy granola of figues with flax seeds and walnuts. I felt adventurous and garnished this woody base with a punnet of raspberries, a handful of pitted cherries and a pinch of flaked almonds. Not afraid to associate salty and sugary flavors, I still prefer to add herbs instead of salt so I finished up with finely chopped basil. Mint leaves or honey could have been interesting choices as well.

Cultivating the real art of living, Dear Muesli is a French brand created by three muesli lovers, Dikom, Sylvain and Bakang nicknamed The Muesli Boys. Because they believe that eating healthy should taste better than anything else, they offer a sharp selection of muesli mixtures using organic ingredients and called with funky names: Forest, King Carioca, Booster and Cool Kid. It’s also possible to custom your own mix online and have it delivered right to your door. How convenient?And if you would like to taste it before you adopt it, they launched a muesli and porridge bar on bike going around Paris' festivals and events such as We Love Green and Foire de Paris served by The Muesli Boys in person. To keep exploring all things healthy and be inspired to live a balanced and active lifestyle, I highly recommend their Dear Journal where they share food and nutrition advises, exclusive interviews of athletes and fitness tips. Self-love is the best medicine.

Happy Sunday!


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