#015 Tiffanie Delune x La Vie Locale


Heyhey Monday! L.A. babe Maya Dorsey behind La Vie Locale recently came home to chat about living and being an entreprenor in Paris. I'm sharing city recommendations, where I get my inspiration from and much more. Here is a glimpse of the interview


How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Epicurean, Creative, Go getter! 



Not really… I’ve pressed that “moving to the other side of the peripherique” button three years ago to buy an apartment in Aubervilliers, right outside northern-Paris. 


In your opinion…

Paris is... blending thousands of cultures into one free-spirit babe. I can have a morning coffee in the garden of the Institut Suédois, see Malick Sidibe’s exhibition at the Grand Palais, work at the Café Lomi in the 18th in the afternoon and have a wine and cheese apero at Sunset, a Californian owned bar near Jules Joffrin. Doing all that by bike and bare legs!
Paris isn’t… just the beautiful stoic Eiffel Tower. There’s a lot more out there to discover, learn and share and that is constantly evolving.


Places of inspiration in Paris?

Any museum in Paris is always a great place to get inspiration from but I do love the exhibitions of Musée d’Art Moderne and Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain. I also love wandering around Chateau-Rouge’s textile shops and walking in Vincennes or Boulogne parks on Sundays to get my mind clear for the week ahead.


How would you describe your design/ creative style?

I’m interested in surrealism and particularly the work of Hans Arp, Magritte and Picasso as well as contemporary African artists, such as Boris Nzebo, Eddy Ilunga Kamuanga and JP Mika. I’m also into anything related to print, pattern and textile design and to name one, I love what Swedish artist Johanna Buraï is producing.
My creative style is therefore a blend of my roots and influences and turned into naïve art with geometric lines and bold colors. The first collection, Kazumba, is in unique shades of mango, coral and baby blue with accents of yellow and black. I aim to help people to dare to mix-match things in their house, not sticking to one trend or style, and create their own throughout time.


Top recommended places in Paris to:

EAT – I don’t eat out much but I’m always in for a pulled pork sandwich at Frenchie To Go.
DRINK – I love the Moonshiner near Bastille for a romantic date.
EXPLORE – Get lost in Belleville and their hidden galleries during their “Portes Ouvertes” event. You’ll be surprised to see how much beautiful work is produced there!
SHOPMerci is one of my favorite for their capacity to constantly reinvent themselves and create out-of-the box ideas.
CREATIVE SPACE La Recyclerie in Porte de Clignancourt is a great place to work during the day.

© Image by La Vie Locale