#016 Sweet Summer Feel in Paris...


Hello August! I’m super happy to share with you some pictures captured during our usual Sunday wandering, this time around the deserted 19th and 20th. We started walking from Place des Fêtes making our way through the tiny streets between Jourdain and Ménilmontant, spying all the hidden passages with unique houses. Le Quartier de l’Ermitage is known for its low houses with courtyards, dreamy lofts and facades covered with graffitis, the neighborhood being inhabited by a cool blend of retirees, artists and families of all origins. We then strolled towards Le Quartier Mouzaïa, on the edge of the city, which seriously gives you the impression of having left the capital. It’s such a rare moment in Paris to hear the birds singing with little car noise… This time, my deep interest for lines and all things geometric made me play with lights and shadows, angles and perspectives. I photographed the old and the new, the imposing housing projects from the 70s versus the one-of-a-kind architecture we’ve been seeing popping in Paris in the past years: unusual shapes, bigger windows and bold colors. I looked for those, loving the perfect turquoise sky and the hints of blue, aubergine, yellow and tangerine on the buildings. The creamy tones and woody textures are the perfect finish to give Paris this sweet summer feel.

Happy Wednesday guys!


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© Images by Tiffanie Delune